The exercise requirements of a Lurcher are surprisingly low.¬†While the Lurcher will undoubtedly benefit from a good long daily walk, he or she will be more than happy to curl up at their owner’s feet for the rest of the day. And if there is a secure area where the Lurcher can run free at other times, then all the better.

Importantly, it should be remembered that Lurchers are sighthounds, developed to hunt down their prey by sight at considerable speed. Once in motion, it may not be possible to stop them. So make sure that wherever you exercise your Lurcher it cannot come to harm, and cannot cause harm to anyone else.

Lurchers love to run and to play – just ensure they can do it in safety!

For further help with the exercise needs of your Lurcher, we can highly recommend: Pet Owner’s Guide to the Lurcher by Jason Framlingham, and The Lurcher: A Complete Guide by Jon Hutcheon.