Good Lurcher breeders are usually dedicated enthusiasts of this amazingly versatile dog, their main aim in producing a litter being to improve and better Lurchers in terms of temperament, health and structure. This is achieved by selecting only the best male dog to mate with the most suitable female. However, it’s not as simple as it may sound and all breeders are not equal. Buying a pup from an unethical breeder can end in tears.

You will find the best Lurcher breeders have spent many years studying them – normally after years of owning them. Learning about canine genetics, health and behaviour and, when they are confident they are up to the job, researching everything involved with dog breeding from mating and whelping to rearing litters to finding good homes and supporting the new owners should the need arise. Good Lurcher breeders are normally themselves mentored by other good breeders who are often even more experienced and knowledgeable about Lurchers.

The various Lurcher Breed Clubs are the best way forward to give names of reputable Breeders who have a lot of experience in the breed and who follow the guidelines of good breeding, health checks, back-up service and advice after a puppy is sold. Also word of mouth is very important. Go and see a lot of adult Lurchers before even contemplating a puppy. A reputable breeder will ask a lot of questions, and will show all the relevant health certificates. If they don’t then walk away from them.

For those interested in breeding Lurchers, we can highly recommend Practical Lurcher Breeding by David Brian Plummer.