So You Want A Lurcher Puppy?

Before you purchase your Lurcher puppy, consider why you want a Lurcher in the first place. It will greatly determine what sort of puppy and what sort of Lurcher breeder you are looking for. Simply searching for Lurcher puppy breeders will not necessarily guarantee you your desired result.

Lurchers were originally bred for their ability to hunt down their prey by sight. The Lurcher is a crossbreed between any sighthound (invariably and traditionally the Greyhound) and any member of the terrier or pastoral group of dogs such as the Bedlington Terrier or Rough Collie. This combination has created a dog not only of exceptional hunting ability, but also a gentle, affection family pet or companion dog depending on the breeds used in its creation.

So, do you want a working Lurcher? If so, please see The Working Lurcher.

Do you want a Sporting Lurcher? If so, please see The Sporting Lurcher.

Do you want a Lurcher for a family pet or companion dog? If so, please see Lurchers as Pets or Companion dogs.

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