The Working Lurcher

Lurchers are sighthounds, developed to work and to hunt their prey by sight. They are a crossbreed developed generally using the Greyhound, Whippet, Saluki or other sighthound together with one of a number of terrier or pastoral dogs.

Although hare coursing is today against the law in the UK, Lurcher Work still continues in many countries, as does the tradition of breeding Lurchers for work. Those involved in the sport of Lurchering are known as Lurchermen, and an individual involved in the sport is known as a Lurcherman. Many Lurchermen still use the Lurcher for pest control, typically in the control of rabbits, hare and foxes.

For further information on the working Lurcher, we are happy to recommend The Working Lurcher: The Traditional Skills by Jackie Drakeford, an author who has published many notable books on the subject of the Lurcher.