What Is A Lurcher?

The Lurcher is a type of dog rather than a breed of dog. It is a crossbreed, generally between a sighthound (traditionally the Greyhound) and a member of the terrier or pastoral group of dogs.

Because of their genetic makeup, Lurchers tend to be versatile in the extreme, combining both excellent family pet or companion dog with an exceptional hunting ability and all round sporting capability.

Because the Lurcher is a type of dog rather than a breed, it can vary greatly in appearance. Since there is no recognised breed standard, Lurchers can be as large as a Deerhound or as small as a Whippet. They can also be of any colour and have a coat that varies between short and long. The one thing that all Lurchers have in common is that they are all sighthounds, which is to say, dogs that hunt by sight rather than by smell.


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  1. Paula says:

    I don’t know what to do to help my mum and dad get their pet lurcher back. We think she has been taken; it happened in Newbury on Christmas night when they let her out to the toilet. She is loved by all the family and wondered if you could help me put the word round or to find her please?

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